Rhema Language Services, Inc. bridges the communication gap between English and Spanish speakers in several key areas
of communication which include translation, interpretation, and language instruction in English and Spanish.

Rhema Language Services, Inc. provides translation of your written documents in a variety of areas. We are small enough to
give your project that personal touch, while at the same time we provide a high quality of service by using language
professionals with university degrees and experience in the field. We communicate directly with our clients and are able to
understand the exact requirements for each project. By specializing in just one language pair, we can focus on assuring that
each client receives an accurate translation that is tailored to meet his or her particular needs. We assure the highest quality
product by having a second translator edit the document. We then have a native speaker of the target language proofread
each document before the client receives it. The proofreader analyzes the document to check for consistency in the
language, style, organization, and linguistic register of the text. Spelling, capitalization, grammar, and punctuation are also
checked. The final quality control factor is to make sure that the document sounds as if it were originally written in the target

Our translators only translate into their dominant language, which is the language in which they received their formal
education and have spoken for most of their lives. This means that if the original document is written in English, a translator
whose dominant language is Spanish will do the translation, thereby assuring the translation is culturally sensitive and
provides the highest level of accuracy.

Translation Services

Rhema Language Services, Inc. offers translation in various subject areas. Our translators are selected for their knowledge
of the target language as well as for their practical experience in specific areas.

  • Christian – Rhema Language Services, Inc. specializes in the translation of Christian materials, including vacation
    Bible school, resources, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, Bible study materials, devotionals, magazine articles,
    surveys, and books.
  • Academic – Rhema Language Services, Inc. provides translation of transcripts, diplomas, informational brochures,
    reports, projects, course selection books, newsletters, and other academic-related materials.
  • Medical - Rhema Language Services, Inc. translates patient information brochures and instructions, medical records,
    and articles for publication in medical journals.
  • Legal – We specialize in certificates of all types. Each legal translation includes a notarized Certificate of Accuracy.
    Translation of contracts and other legal documents is also available. Please contact us for more information.
  • Technical – Code of Conduct manuals, instruction manuals, technical manuals, brochures, white papers,and other
    materials, depending on content. Please contact us for more information.
  • Business – Advertisements, financial, and other business-related documents, depending on content. Please contact
    us for more information.
  • General – Do you have other documents you need translated that are not mentioned above? Contact us for a free quote.

    Pricing: Our pricing depends on the complexity, the content, and the length of the document, among other factors.
    For example, a letter or other general document will cost less than a medical, legal, or technical document. The
    charges include the cost of the initial translation by an experienced, trained, native speaker of the target language,
    editing by a second professional  translator, and proofreading by a third language professional. If formatting is
    necessary, such as Desktop Publishing in PageMaker, Quark, or PowerPoint, an additional charge will apply. All of our
    work is guaranteed for accuracy and quality.

Rhema Language Services, Inc. provides medical interpretation, as well as interpretation for conferences and business
meetings. Please
contact us for more information.

Language Instruction in English and Spanish
An important aspect in bridging the communication gap between Spanish speakers and English speakers is learning one
another’s language.  Rhema Language Services, Inc. provides private language instruction in English and Spanish to
individuals, and also offers classes to corporations. There is no better way to learn another language than in a private or
small group setting. Individualized programs of instruction are tailored to the students, according to their needs. Instructors
are native speakers of the language being taught, and students benefit from a practical approach to learning. Emphasis is
placed on oral communication skills as students interact continually throughout their time in class.

Price and Schedule of Language Instruction: Please
contact us for more information.
Bridging the Communication Gap